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YouTube videos, to get you awesome Tinder profile photos

Sometimes showing is easier than telling, like when I showed you how not to take a Tinder profile pic. Although I like getting out in the mountains, and doing landscape photography, I’m not an expert portrait photographer. Everything I can tell you is synthesised from better photographers than me.

Synthesising the most important things from multiple sources is useful, but sometimes it’s also cool to get things straight from the horses mouth. So, here are some great YouTube videos, from awesome photographers that can help you get amazing Tinder profile pictures.

Peter Hurley – super stylish headshots

Your Tinder profile needs an amazing headshot. Any girl that looks at your profile, wants to know what you look like. Show yourself off to your best with an epic headshot, front and centre in your Tinder photos.

Peter Hurley was a male model in his younger days, then he moved behind the camera. He specialises in getting the best headshots for models and actors to go in their portfolio. You have to get your eyes right in your photo. As peter would say, it’s all about the squinch

Oh, but hang on, if you want to look good, it’s also all about the jaw

Sorelle Amore – full body Tinder photos

Sorelle Amore is a YouTuber, social influencer, travel vlogger – you pick a label that you like. She’s also been a model in a previous career, so she knows a good photo. She has a series called the advanced selfie, where she loves to get her body in all sorts of position to take great female pics.

Although the female poses don’t work for guys, she’s got some great videos on how to get a great selfie when you’re on your own. Plus, she has loads of great hints about the extra elements that contribute to a great picture, besides the model (you’re the model, in case you didn’t realise!)

Some great tips in this video about your surroundings and zooming/cropping

This one gives you everything you need to know about mobile phone selfies

This one focusses on male poses

Travel and situational portraits to round off your profile pictures

It’s great when you can show a picture of yourself out travelling. You don’t even need to show your face. The point of these pics is not to show what you look like, but to show what you do.

This amazing shot is from Thomas Heaton’s Instagram, how amazing would it be to have a shot like this on your tinder profile. It doesn’t matter that he’s looking away. It looks better, because he is absorbed in the moment, not smiling at the camera.

Thomas is a landscape photographer and does a lot of stuff with travel photographer, Brenden Van Son. Here’s another epic shot that I’m sure many people would be jealous of, even if it’s a little staged looking.

Here’s a video that Brendan did, about the typical travel Instagram selfie. There’s a reason why people put awesome pics like this on Instagram. Use them as dating app pics too in your profile, then you can reference them in your bio. You don’t have to go to far flung parts of the world to get good situational shots. The nearest beach, the countryside near your town, the park or your back yard can all give you great locations.

What if you’re more urban than landscape?

Check out This video on Peter McKinnon‘s YouTube channel, teaming up with thebrightesthour (find him on Instagram). I’m not suggesting that you make a picture of you levitating for your Tinder profile, but it just goes to show how you can find a cool location anywhere.

Actions speak louder than words

Maybe you want to get a shot of yourself skateboarding, playing sports or another amazing action shot (see what I did there )?

These can be tough to pull off – so check out this video by Jason Paul showing some of the effort that went into filming and photographing Parkour. In this case preparation is everything. Oh, and don’t do anything stupid just to get a dating app profile pic.

You don’t need to photograph yourself at all

Dennis the Prescot is a chef and food photographer. Try showing yourself off, by showing off what you do. Dennis’s food shots are so stunning, because it’s not just about the food. He drops in all these elements to the photo so you imagine the house party he’s throwing and the people eating with him. It’s a glimpse into his lifestyle. You can do the same, but replace food, with drinks or books, or games or coffee. Anything that you have a passion for, take a pic of it with all the cool stuff that represents you in the background.

Experiment and find your style.

We all want to look good on our online dating app profiles. Those Tinder pictures are so important, but the best pics have some of your soul in too. I hope some of these videos give you some tips and some inspiration. As ever, if you enjoyed this post, please subscribe and share; and leave a comment below to let me know.

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