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The most important things on a dating app profile

The winner is – your main profile photo, then your main profile picture and your main profile snap. Yes, it’s so important I said it three times. Your Tinder profile main profile picture is that important.

You may think I’m joking, but I’m not. Your first picture is the most important thing on your dating app profile by such a long way, that the rest almost doesn’t matter. If you have this wrong, then everything else is pretty much irrelevant because almost everyone will have swiped no before they see anything else.

I’m going to do a specific post about nailing a good main photo, but the main purpose of the main photo is that she sees it and goes, “oo, he’s…”, or “wow, he’s…” or “interesting, he’s…” or “he’s got nice…”. Notice that it’s all about you. Your main photo should focus on you and only you, so someone can look at it and be impressed by you. This “how not to do it” blog post will show you mistakes to avoid

Why a girl will hate this picture of me (Tinder profile picture mistakes)

Phil30 April 20205 min read
Why a girl will hate this picture of me (Tinder profile picture mistakes)

This is me. In fact this is me after four weeks of lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. I took this picture to show you some of the common mistakes guys make in their profile pictures. I’m going to go through…

So someone liked your first picture. I’m sure you can guess what they do next – they swipe through the rest of your pictures. It’s obvious really. If she has gotten this far then she likes the look of you, now she’s looking to learn some things about you and check you out. Basically what you need to do here its not blow it! I always think a profile is only as good as it’s worst photo. If she see’s something here that puts her off she will probably swipe no. These pictures are probably a good chance to show off some passions of yours. Photos of you doing your hobbies or on holiday. Anything that you imagine could be a conversation starter. Again I’ll do a specific post on what makes a good set of pictures, but this should give you something to work on for now.

After the pictures, is your bio. This is third out of three on our importance list. When it comes to writing bios, some of us were born witty comic geniuses. If that is you, then make use of it. Nothing makes a girl more likely to swipe yes than if you make her smile. You don’t need to be a jester, but clever and funny is good. Whatever you do, do not copy a bio template from anywhere on the web. If you have found it, then so have thousands of other guys, which means that she has already seen it 50 times. I know some guys who put no bio at all – they think it makes them mysterious and certainly it works out for some of them. Something short and sweet is usually sufficient. I’ve come up with a great way to create your own unique interesting bio, known as an A.P.E story. These two posts will give you a wealth of advice.

APE stories, write an awesome dating app bio

Phil1 May 20207 min read
APE stories, write an awesome dating app bio

Tinder bios are hard for guys to write and Tinder bio advice can be contradictory. In a bio you want to seem fun, interesting and like you’ve got your life in order. Give her something that excites, sparks the imagination…

20 things to avoid in a dating app bio

Phil30 April 20204 min read
20 things to avoid in a dating app bio

Before you read this post, go have a look at Tinder Translator on Instagram, then come back. Done that? No, I mean it, go look now. I hope you have seen how not to do it and had a good chuckle. It…

Interestingly, the importance of your bio and secondary pictures is different on Tinder, compared to Bumble. On Tinder, all you need to do is encourage her to do is swipe yes. You then get a chance to message her and go on from there. On Bumble, she has to message first. Importantly, she probably doesn’t want to just message with hi :-), she probably wants to send you something relevant to you, (which you should always do too by the way), so she has to think of something. Because she likely spends half her time on Tinder where guys always message first, she doesn’t get much practice at these opening messages. So, make it easy for her! Put some stuff in your bio that she can use to craft that opening message. This is really important, because if she can’t think of anything to say, she won’t say anything and you’ll lose the match.

So remember:

  1. Main photo that shows off YOU
  2. Secondary photos that make you a real person with interests
  3. Bio that is short and sweet, witty if you can manage it and never copied from the web

As a last bonus I’ll mention that when you match, you will almost always have to message first and never make that message, “Hi” or “Hey”. Always personalise it to them. Many girls have a policy of just never replying to opening messages where they can’t even tell if you looked at their profile.

These guidelines sound simple and common sense, but it’s amazing how many guys have a bad main pic and wonder why they struggle on dating apps. I’m sure there are as many good ways to set up a profile as there are guys on Tinder, but this recipe is something I found worked for me. I hope it gives you a helping hand.

Maybe you gained some success using this recipe or maybe you have found an even better way to set up your profile. If so let me and the readers know in the comments below. Make sure you share this post if you likes it, and subscribe if you want to make sure you get notified of new dating app posts.

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