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Can Tinder work for men over 30?

The answer is a resounding yes!

Well, I think so anyway. I’ll tell you my story and you can be the judge. I’m Phil and I’m 38. I separated from my wife 3 years ago and I have two awesome kids with her. I’m currently dating a girl who I met on Tinder, she also has kids and I’m really enjoying dating her.

My ex-wife and I had been on a rocky road for some time. I’d come to the conclusion that she didn’t care for me (I later realised she quite probably fell in the category of coercive and controlling) but tried to stay with her for the kids. Eventually we both realised this wasn’t going to work out, and by the time I moved out I was very sick of being with her and wanted to move on with my life as quickly as possible.

The last time I’d been single was when I was about 21 and my ex-wife was pretty much my first serious girlfriend. I was terrible with girls as a teenager – I was a typical geeky kid and I didn’t really get to do any dating back then. So In my mid thirties I was pretty much coming at dating for the first time.

It was at that point I realised that all bar one of my close friends was married. I had been one of the few people in the UK who had met someone in my early twenties. Gotten married in my late twenties. Separated by mid thirties. Whereas most of my friends hadn’t married until they were in their thirties. I had separated at an age when there seemed to be the fewest single people the same age as me.

With little chance of becoming more than just friends, with anyone I already knew, and with most friends of friends also married, I thought I’d give Tinder a go.

I’ve had some good times with Tinder and some frustrating times with Tinder. Then I reached a time when two things happened. The first was that I worked out how to make a decent profile. The second was that I realised that the whole point of dating was to have fun. By which I do not mean “have fun”, I genuinely mean enjoy yourself while meeting someone new and hopefully have them enjoy it too.

As I said, I’m dating someone I really like and long may that go on. Maybe this isn’t the end result that you want, but I don’t think that really matters. My main aim with this blog to show you that if you haven’t had much success on tinder, all is not lost. I want to ensure you and your future dates get to enjoy dating. Where you take it after that is your choice. So have a read, make use of the tips if you like them and comment to let me and others know what works for you. But most of all, go out and have fun.

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