I’m Phil. I’m a guy, who separated from his wife when the relationship broke down, and after I moved out I thought, maybe I’ll give Tinder a go. I sucked at it! I read a bit, I tried some things, and after a while, I got good. When I say I got good, I don’t mean I started meeting “model quality” girls, like some dating app pages will tell you. I did better than that. I started enjoying using Tinder and enjoying meeting up with girls I matched with. And I enjoyed it because I thought about the advice I found, what I wanted from dating apps, which bits of the advice I disagreed with and which things I wanted to do my way.

I started acting like a grown-up.

It turns out that people, guys and girls, quite like grown-ups.

So next time you see a web page offering “model quality girls” ask yourself what that phrase actually means, where it comes from and whether you agree with it. Then feel free to hang out with the grown-ups, if you want to.